Padma Lakshmi Talks About Her Endometriosis Diagnosis: ‘Listen To Your Body’

March 22, 2018

Padma Lakshmi is talking openly about an issue many women are afraid to speak up about – female reproductive health.

“Once a week, every month, I was bedridden,” the Top Chef host says. After twenty years of suffering in silence, she was finally diagnosed with endometriosis at age 36. Since March is Endometriosis Awareness Month, Lakshmi, now 47, hopes to get more women talking about what she calls an “isolating” disease.

“No one wants to talk about their period,” Lakshmi admits. “It’s not my nature to go on TV and talk about my vagina, but it was such a good cause and I saw how much better my life was after I had surgery and got the proper treatment.”

Lakshmi says the most important thing a woman can do for herself is to listen to her body.

Image via Flickr/samsungusa

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