Kim Kardashian Gets Mom-Shamed After Sharing Car Seat Photo

June 27, 2017

Kim Kardashian faced a torrent of online mom-shaming after sharing an adorable photo of son Saint on Facebook. The problem? 18-month-ols Saint was in a forward-facing car seat, and California law mandates rear-facing seats until two years of age.

In addition to state law, medical research shows that children under 24 months are 75 percent more likely to survive car accidents while in rear-facing seats.

“I am not trying to be sanctimommish, but why isn’t the youngest Kardashian-West rear facing in his car seat?” one commenter wrote. “That kid would be safer in a rear-facing seat, please get informed!” another commented.

Kardashian has not responded to the criticism.

Image via Instagram/kimkardashian

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