Three ‘Survivor’ Contestants Collapse Amid Dangerously Hot Conditions

March 10, 2016

In Survivor: Kaoh Rong, the biggest competition isn’t the other players, it’s the scorching heat.

In what is being termed the most terrifying episode in series history, three contestants collapsed with heat stroke after a grueling competition to win kitchen items. Debbie Wanner of the Brains tribe received medical attention, but quickly recovered. Brawn tribe member Cydney Gillon also collapsed. Like Wanner, she soon recovered. Neither woman was pulled from the game.

In the scariest moment of the episode, Beauty tribe member Caleb Reynolds was airlifted to a nearby hospital after several minutes of failing to respond to oxygen or any other treatments provided by the on-site medics. Host Jeff Probst later told Reynolds he would not be able to continue in the game.

Image via Instagram/beastmodecowboy

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