Michael Phelps Talks About Racing a Great White for Shark Week

July 12, 2017

Michael Phelps is considered the greatest swimmer in the world, but does he have what it takes to beat a shark? That’s exactly what an upcoming Discovery Channel Shark Week special will determine, as Phelps swims alongside a great white shark.

“You just watch that animal. It’s basically like swimming next to a school bus in the water. I think that kind of got me more intrigued to see what other sharks I can swim with,” Phelps explains of his choice to take on the challenge. “When I had the opportunity to be on a Shark Week show, it was an absolute no-brainer, and an instant yes from me, just because it was something on my bucket list to do.”

The special will air on July 23 at 8 p.m.

Image via Flickr/samhurd

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