Corinne Olympios Needed ‘A Lot of Therapy’ After ‘BIP’ Scandal

August 27, 2017

Corinne Olympios was at the center of the recent Bachelor in Paradise scandal, which temporarily shut down production of the ABC reality show. Though no wrongdoing was found in the end, Olympios says she still had to recover from the media scrutiny she and DeMario Jackson were subject to.

”[I’ve been doing] a lot of yoga, a lot of therapy, just family time,” she explains, adding that her mom’s support has been very helpful. “We’re a really close family.”

As for her relationship with the reality love franchise and it’s fans, Olympios says it’s all water under the bridge.

“I have no problem with Bachelor Nation,” she says. “I love Bachelor Nation. I am Bachelor Nation.”

Image via Instagram/colympios

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